Record damage via smartphone, tablet or hand-held scanner - without the hassle of changing devices

Mobile Damage Management

Our Mobile Damage Management enables immediate documentation of damage to goods. Damage processing can be carried out conveniently via Android mobile phones, tablets or commercially available scanners. The damage images and associated texts are seamlessly integrated into the APF video+ system so that they can be viewed directly in the video system without uploading or interfaces. This ensures seamless documentation for customer service at all times, without the need for tedious clicks in different applications.

  • Immediate documentation of the damage in the image
  • Integrated damage management with existing devices
  • Immediate documentation of the damage in the APF video+ system
  • No need for mobile phone photos and tedious integration into e-mails
  • Avoidance of lost or untraceable documentation
  • Compatible with scanners with image function as well as Android devices such as mobile phones and tablets
  • Data export for insurance documentation via standardised interfaces
  • Offline recording
Integrated concept – the AMETRAS Plus

There is still more: Optimise your processes fully.

Our Ticket System, which was specially developed for logistics processes, is a special addition. In combination with the damage management system, this creates a fully digitalised damage management process that does away with e-mails, yellow slips of paper and telephone communication. All relevant information is made available transparently to all parties involved in the process at all times. This leads to enormous time savings and marks a significant step towards a value-adding digital transformation of work processes.

Take advantage of the full process potential of your organisation and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Opt for the Plus! Choose the integrated services of the company AMETRAS vision.

Damage management easier than ever before!

Learn more about how easy it is to record damage via mobile app - even offline.