Secure data exchange between SAP and ERP with a flexible data mapping.

EDI linking between SAP and ERP system

 The exchange of data between the Geiger Logistik and a major customer should be done process-oriented and securely.


The exchange of data between the Geiger Logistik and a major customer in the chemical sector should be done process-oriented and securely. The primary aims focused on a smooth operation with a flexible data mapping.

During the first project meetings the details of the exchange of data were discussed. Thereby the data are those that are in EDIFACT format as well as ASCII data that had to be converted according to EDIFACT. The provision of the respective data into the target systems was prepared in a need-based manner. Therefore both, the SAP system of the customer as well as the ERP environment of the company Geiger were connected transparently to one another. Thereby the exchange of data is automatically monitored 24 hours and it reports both transmission errors and syntactic problems. After installation of the systems a three-week test phase was agreed.

The regular operation started in September 2013 and has been operating smoothly since then 24hours, 7 days a week.




The active support of the client concerning the project communication was one of the key elements for the success. The common deep understanding of communication structures and data contents was finally important for the choice of the correct procedure. 

 Many years of experience in the implementation of SAP communication projects help to prevent errors. 

This doesn’t only control the communication but also checks the contents regarding syntactical errors in real time.

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