The cooperation with the company AMETRAS has enabled us to find a pragmatic solution for our pallet problem in the shortest time…


Angelika Hinsch | IDS Quality Management

Cloud system for pallet clearing

Efficient & paperless packaging workflow


The pallet clearing within the IDS logistics cooperations was carried out manually in a very complex way and it caused a negative carbon dioxide balance. A cloud system should be developed which abolishes entirely the paper flows and which optimises transport routes.

Pallets are indispensable in the groupage freight transport. But all involved persons would be glad to live without the expense through the pallet exchange. The new pallet clearing of Ametras is absolutely reliable. If a cargo shipment is loaded in one of the 43 IDS depots, then the number of the pallets and lattice boxes of this shipment will be automatically entered on the basis of bordereau data and by scanning in the central IT system. This means, the electronic packaging accounts of entry and exit depots are debited or credited. This is done completely automatically – for a total of about 500,000 euro-pallets and 20,000 lattice boxes a month. As pallets and lattice boxes are moved at each sorting area in the system traffic also to the opposite direction, the balance only would have to be transported back at the end of the month in order to clear the accounts for both depots.




"The system which is manually maintained is completely abolished. There, credits and debits between partners were carried out individually by faxes, through forms or by emails"

to the end of the month only the calculated balance has to be transported back in order to balance the accounts for both depots.

completely automatically – for a total of about 500,000 euro-pallets and 20,000 lattice boxes a month

Automatic posting of packagings

But the IDS clearing even goes one step further: Compared to the whole system, the IDS clearing determines one single balance for each of the 43 depots at the end of the month. Each partner gets back the quantity which was brought into the system by him in consideration of his own received packaging. 

Thus, a depot doesn’t have to create balances with the other 42 depots but only one single balance to the IDS network. The system utilises the circumstance that a certain depot for example has liabilities of pallets to a depot but at the same time it has credits towards another one. These credits and liabilities can be balanced again for each depot. In this way the actual number of pieces can be considerably reduced. Thereby pure pallet transports are also considerably minimised. 

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