Video management par excellence

The complete tracking of parcels in the distribution centre ensures efficiency and prevents theft. ...

Mickael Catron and Gerald Tinti
(Manager Chronopost Beaugrenelle)


Finding instead of searching!

Task & solution

In the centre of Paris close to the Eiffel Tower, Chronopost has opened its second city depot. The supply of an appropriate logistics area was one of the large barriers. As there are no more continuous large areas in Paris, Chronopost has decided to a special step. An available car park has been rented and rebuilt spontaneously. Within a very short time, that car park has become the handling depot from Chronopost. 3,500 parcels shall be handled daily at this place with an area of 3,000 square meters. Because of ecological aspects also taken entirely into account, 10 fully-electric vans have been put into operation among others.


With more than 70 cameras and with the new APF video+ software solution from the company Ametras, a technically innovative video system has also been installed. Thereby the company Ametras could assert itself successfully against three competitors. Within three weeks a functioning all-round video solution has been developed. "Due to the special building, the low-hanging ceilings and due to the limited space for the setting up of camera systems, the installation wasn’t a routine also for an experienced team such as the company Ametras. The real operation could be started after three weeks. Today the customer controls the whole area with only one person. APF video+ has especially convinced by the handling and the simplicity of the application", says Michael Boudry, Key Account Manager from the company Ametras.



Finding instead of searching 

Each parcel can be tracked within seconds by the integration of video and scan data. By entering a search term, for example parcel label number, date, barcode, etc. all pictures of the package history are immediately shown in the research. Generally a complete research process takes less than two minutes in France.


Multiscreen System 

The purely internet-based application can be operated in the dialogue on several screens at the same time. If for example the focus of a view is changed on the first monitor, also the view associated with it will be changed on the second screen. The company Chronopost appreciates the Flexview with the simultaneous map display. If a picture of a camera is shown on the first monitor, the position of the installed camera can be illustrated on the second screen via map functionality.


Multiscreen System Technology leadership by process know-how 

The connection of data and the optimisation of business processes are a core competence of the company Ametras. Profound knowledge could be gained in more than hundred projects and practically oriented solutions for individual problems have been developed. The intelligent linking of scan data, volume data and corresponding information such as product codes and instruction keys makes it possible to determine along the process chain all the information and all the key figures during productive operation and to react on it.


Reference is the best advertisement

The success and the satisfied users in the depot of the company Chronopost in Paris have been widely recognised. In the following years 10 further depots are still equipped with APF video+ in France. This is a great success and motivation to continue to implement quickly and precisely the customers’ demands.