3D volume measurement system APF volume+

"The volume measurement system APF volume+ supplies exact weights and measures in a standardised measuring record without major delays."
Andreas Weinrich (chief executive officer)

How does measurable benefit arise in the volume determination because of organisational necessities?

Task & solution

Thomas Damshäuser knits his brows. However, there is something wrong here! Again 80 kilograms more, that’s not chicken feed, he has to intervene here. Damshäuser daily checks the measures and weights of all cargo shipments in the transhipment hall for the forwarding agency. An automatic measuring system is integrated into the conveyor belt system in order not to disrupt the normal operations. Nothing can escape the strict laser eyes of the 3D volume measurement system APF volume+, it checks quickly and precisely. The shipments on their forklifts move continuously through the field of view of APF volume+ classic and Damshäuser has quickly identified the problem: One lattice box has concealed its true face, that’s why the shipment data vary by almost 80 kilograms.



Weight as planning factor

Errors slip into the data records in spite of electronic order entry, complete documentation and standardised processes. The enterprise resource planning systems of the forwarder are the possible reason. While the gross weights for articles are stored, information for additional packing materials, pallets and lattice boxes is missing in some cases. With the pure gross values each shipping order then reports a too little shipment weight. But especially this weight and size information is important for a good transport planning and ensures a uniform weight distribution on the loading area.


Serious case: overcharge

Incorrect weight information is dangerous for cargo shipments. Without verification this may lead in the worst case to an overcharge during the transport by truck. Especially in the case of light rail vehicles (permissible total weight of 7.5 tons or 12 tons) the tolerance range for the upload is small and that’s why the data have to be correct from the beginning. In the case of a police control or even an accident also the consignor and the forwarder have the responsibility – besides the carrier -. When indicating the weight, the following is frequently forgotten: loading devices and pallets are also counted among the loading weight.