Einfache Volumenermittlung mit Kamerasystemen

The new version of APF volume+ is characterized by uncomplicated assembly, a great price-performance ratio and fast measuring processes. The seamless integration into existing TMS software creates a fast ROI. Bill your customers for the actual volume weight and increase your added value.

APF volume+

Software & systems for the intelligent volume recording of shipments

APF video+

Measuring range: 2,00 m L x 2,00 m W x 2,30 m H
Measuring tolerance in box volume: < 5 %
Best measurement results:
Package heights from 0.60 m to 2.30 m
Measuring time: approx. 3 seconds
Trigger: Hand scanner
Screen display: Yes
PDF generation: Yes
Tablet/Smartphone support: Yes
Interface to TMS systems: Yes
Interface to scales: Yes
Verifiability: no

In the age of the rapidly growing Internet trading, besides the weight especially volume data become interesting. The chargeable weight is also calculated more and more frequently on the basis of the volume. Classical systems determine the volume via laser technology. Here there are special solutions for forklifts which run in the transport chain as well as for firmly installed units which will be mounted in the hall at a certain place. The latest development from Ametras determines the volume via image analysis. This procedure offers a significant economic advantage and can be simply integrated into any business process. The cheapest alternative creates room for efficiency. The system can be easily installed at each hall door or each sorting area. Several systems can be operated at the same time via a server. A further optimisation of performance is thereby ensured. The highly integrated modular design takes care that in connection with APF video+ an image-guided tracking of shipments arises which doesn’t only provide images but also the necessary data such as volume, shipment number, number of packages, etc. Former systems such as forwarding software, warehouse applications, scanning solutions, etc can be easily integrated by an integrated interface module. Thus analyses for every application can be lickety-split created. 

Features and functions

which make your day-to-day work more productive


The APF volume+ classic can be installed in the transport chain or also as stand-alone product. The integration of a floor scale or a drive-up scale is standard. The system consists of calibratable laser-based measuring heads. The measuring process takes about 3 – 5 seconds from the unloading of the pallet to the loading.

  • Recording of weight
  • Determination of box volumes
  • Acoustic and light-controlled status display
  • Report generator
  • Hand-held scanner or automatic scanning system
  • With crash protection

Image-guided system for the determination of volume. Very robust and low-maintenance design. APF volume+ can be installed in APF video+ in a fully integrated way. A weight determination in relation to forklifts or lift trucks can also be carried out via scale systems. Thereby the area of application in the hall becomes nearly possible without restrictions.


  • Recording of weight
  • Determination of box volumes
  • Acoustic and light-controlled status display
  • Report generator
  • Hand-held scanner




 Can be connected to all transport management systems and scanner. Supports several tasks at the same time.

 Supplies pictures and data to APF video+ without the need for interfacing. Can be connected seamlessly. Thus information about packages will be even more comfortable.    

Treats the budget with care because expensive laser technology no longer has to be used.


Yes, I want to see how conveniently measurements can be taken with APF volume+!