100% data quality

Whenever data have to be completed manually.
Reliable, quick and efficient.


when something has to be done manually




The data recording is performed by trained professionals. Each project includes a process documentation so that the connections and therefore the expected data content become clear.      

The throughput and the quality always can be tracked via dashboards. The analyses are thereby carried out on a customer-specific basis and by means of a password.     

A charge is only made according to successfully completed data sets. Wrong entries are displayed, but they aren’t charged.     

Independence by web application

The video coding is a complete web application and is used with a standard browser. The images which contain the information to be edited, for example addresses etc are transferred via a secured and coded journal. Thereby the protection of the contents of data is guaranteed. 

Quality - transparent and untouchable

Each customer receives informative and transparent analyses in order to be able to measure and see success. Thereby regular status talks and continuous improvements contribute to the quality of the data processing. A continuously integrated efficiency in the handling guarantees satisfied customers and cost-saving budgets.

More infos about ACS videocoding

ACS videocoding

Each technology has its limits. In all cases where data are collected on paper, errors in the further processing are inevitable. Nevertheless, to guarantee a high data quality at the end of a working process, a manual intervention is indispensable and correct. The video coding suits the collection of data which can’t be processed electronically and automatically. Thus for example label data of address labels, address information of delivery notes can be recreated if the computer doesn’t fully recognize them. Thereby the original data file will be read by a camera or a scanner. 

The paragraph to be corrected is automatically marked and the data can be processed then. A 100% data quality is guaranteed with it in the most different working processes. An intelligent further processing ensures that the data collected this way end up in the destination application in the correct format, for example SAP, MPSEXDATA, EDIFACT, XML etc.