AMETRAS l2b GmbH and AMETRAS nobab GmbH have been working successfully for years on solutions to increase the efficiency in the supply chain and logistic processing. Customers who supply us at home with the TV, who ensure that there is enough to eat in the refrigerator and who keep the economy running are priority of the common activities. These are the forwarding agents and parcel services. The requirements on this target group grow enormously. New ecological framework conditions, tighter personnel situation, tough competition and digital revolutions like industry 4.0 require permanent innovation and smart detailed solutions in the process and IT management.


Therefore the AMETRAS l2b GmbH and AMETRAS nobab GmbH grow together. From 1st January, 2017 both companies will be managed under one roof. As the requirements are always becoming more visual in future and processes will have to be transparently tracked, the shareholders have decided also to establish a new name affix. Both companies will be united into the AMETRAS vision GmbH in future. Thanks to the seamless integration of both solution worlds, new possibilities and opportunities arise for the customer. Thus cloud computing, visual process management, technical solutions such as volume measurement, scanning technologies, identification and video tracking grow together.


What remains is a powerful AMETRAS group with a total of 250 employees. AMETRAS vision will expand its presence also in Eastern Europe. This market impresses with fast, dynamic customisations and persons who see exactly this challenge as their opportunity.


We will be glad to be also at your disposal with most up-to-date solutions for video surveillance, parcel and cargo measurement, label identification and comprehensive solutions for the improvement of the process.


We would be very pleased to enter into dialogue with you.