For the parcel service GLS quality has top priority – also to satisfy the highest demands of the customers. In spite of low damage rates and losses new methods of criminality present GLS with always new challenges. In order to keep the loss rate down furthermore, GLS relies on a technology that also becomes increasingly better. Together with AMETRAS a pilot project was started where thermal cameras shall be used for the first time. The swap container storage places are protected with thermal cameras in a selected depot. The intelligence of the cameras in combination with the software APF video+ ensures a detection of moving objects. As soon as an imaginary line is exceeded, APF video+ triggers the alarm. At this very moment another PTZ camera pans exactly at the point which has been reported by the thermal camera. The aim of this is to ensure that in case of enough residual light also a clearly recognisable image of the crime scene is transmitted. The objective is to replace the monitoring systems which have been differently used up to now by an intelligent camera system. Exciting question for all participants is now how many false alarms have been triggered. The software developers from AMETRAS have written own algorithms for the minimisation of false alarms – for example for the improvement of the differentiation between animals and persons.


We are very confident that the security module in APF video+ will prove itself now in the following practical test under real conditions.


We expect that in spring 2017 we will be able to provide our customers with this feature as an additional innovative and practical software extension.