APF scan+ is the complete scan solution for CEP service providers. Individually controllable workflows, integration with scales, conveyor systems, video systems and volume measuring stations as well as the maximum waiver of keyboard entries create highest possible comfort and speed.


More than 3 billion parcels were transported, transhipped and delivered in Germany in 2016. The growth is unbroken and the booming Internet trading ensures that the quantities of the parcels further increase. But the quantity has to be managed.

The correct collection in the depot of the parcel service as well as the related processing of the individual business processes up to the correct distribution to the delivery car or rather long-distance traffic are amongst others one of the main challenges.

Each parcel is scanned at the entrance of a depot. Thereby many handling regulations should be considered. The parcel may for example be damaged, may contain another address for service (delivery to another address than originally indicated) or any number of further instructions has to be considered. As different scan events are also relevant to billing, the software supplier needs to know exactly how the processes of the parcel service can look like and to which further programs there are interfaces and links. Furthermore it is important to support the user in the hall. This means that the individual scan events are linked with audible signals and that keyboard entries are used as little as possible. Thus the employee in the hall receives immediately feedback regarding the type of the scan. Another requirement is that the scans can be performed very quickly one after another because top executives can scan several small parcels in one second. The system has to be robust and has to function trouble-free to the greatest possible extent.

Each APF scan+ workstation still has a service component which allows the updates and changes within seconds. Thereby the administration has a convenient and comfortable possibility to keep the computers up-to-date. As during running operation also the data of each PC are stored at a central place as online backup, the exchange of an entire device can be performed effectively within a very short time.

And last but not least a connection to Active Directory Services is possible. This means that a complete and fully integrated solution for parcel services is possible together with a Central Scan Server and the Central Scan Repository. An adjustment to existing operational systems like SAP, UNIQUE, IT4EM etc. is possible with reasonable effort by the workflows which are simply and very individually configured. The APF Framework with APF scan+, APF ident+ or APF video+ also supports web services based on SOAP or REST and thereby also contributes to the simple data exchange with other systems. Standard scales from Mettler Toledo or Bizerba can be integrated via mouse click, for any additional producers there are documented interfaces.

All these properties could convince the DPD organisation. The innovative scan solution from the company AMETRAS is used in all DPD depots in France.

In order to be able to support the customer at the best, considerable investments have been made also regarding the 2nd Level Support. Among technical extensions in the monitoring software, also new French colleagues have been hired so that language barriers will not arise at all.

A purchase or rent option completes the total package and thereby provides highest possible liberty also from the economic point of view.