One of the largest CEP service providers places the order to AMETRAS for equipment of its French depots with the latest scanning technology. At over 60 locations with more than 1000 workstations the software solution APF scan+ is rolled out in France. The contract has been awarded to AMETRAS because the software solution allows very variable configurations, supports more national languages and can excellently be integrated into the process landscape of the customer.


The support of the APF video+ Track & Trace solution which has no interfaces allows the customer a lot of scope in the further process support also in the future.


Thus volume data, scan event terms, information out of the 2D code etc. can be used for the research of video images in future if APF video+ is used at the locations. The immediate integration of the existing video systems from the house of DIVIS or Seetec is guaranteed via interfaces. The negative aspect here is that information about volume and label contents are not available. The software solution APF scan+ is completely adapted to the CI of the customer.


Also the operational managers thus receive their usual environment and find their way around very quickly. AMETRAS expects more than one billion data records in the peak loads. In order to be able to handle this volume efficiently and without errors, AMETRAS has set up a test environment which also covers these requirements. Maria DB is used on Galera Cluster as database. Thus also an economically very interesting solution has been realised for the customer. The Maria DB can generally be operated without any licence fees. A uniform administration interface with integrated remote session support allows quick assistance in case of need. The connection to the active directory creates transparency in the authentication and ensures an easy administration of the user accounts in the central IT of the customer.


The backup concept is provided with a future-orientedrecovery feature. In the daily business the individual workstations are stored with their configuration and the scan events on a local server. In the case of a necessary hardware exchange the whole workstation is recycled fully automatically from these data. Therewith a complex recovery procedure is not necessary and you can carry on working as soon as possible.