„We arrange everything: From the license keys out of the USA to camera spare parts from China. Our customers can rely on us – to 100 percent“.
Gökhan and Ulrich (order processing)



„When the needs of our customers, the ideas of our development and the implementation of our innovations become passion, then also the most challenging projects succeed.“ 

Joachim (Senior Developer and Consultant)



„Our intention is to develop software at the highest technological level. Our customers work in a tough market environment where each innovation has to produce real business benefit. Our product is finished when our customer thereby achieves a real efficiency gain."

Tobias (Senior Developer)




Since 2000 Ulrich Eberbach (born in 1963) has been responsible apart from a short break for the following business divisions at the AMETRAS group: software solutions for logistics and supply chain. He is the head of the divisions strategy and personnel development. As a member of the AMETRAS management team he develops strategies for the internal CRM solution. His motto: „Only when our customers gain money with our IT solution, we can grow”. Eberbach has been in an executive position of a medium-sized forwarding agency with more than 1,000 employees for several years and there he managed the IT skills of the company.

With many years of experience and youthful enthusiasm to success

More than 220 motivated people work in the AMETRAS group as developer, engineers, industry consultants. On the one hand there are colleagues who surely lead complex projects to success with many years of experience and with prudence, on the other hand technology freaks and the generation „facebook“ take care that innovations remain up-to-date. Creative scope for development and a piece of unconcern are always necessary to take new paths. We actively encourage the qualification of the employees with specific training and further education measures so that they develop creative and value-added solutions for our customers. The aim is to combine perfection in the execution with the spirit of the discoverer for optimal customer solutions. We have only done a good job when our customers recommend us to others.

Projects put in a nutshell!

Projects in the field of logistics have their own laws. Speed, reliability and exciting topics govern life of every day. Whether napkins, mobile phones, engines – logistical solutions are required concerning every concrete article. And each single movement is accompanied by IT processes. The people from the company AMETRAS vision like this challenge and implement creative ideas with passion. The team consists of experienced practitioners and newcomers who are enthusiastic about technology.