Efficient solutions for transport service providers


swap bodies and trailers
EDI and data management
videocoding and OCR



Efficient solutions for logistics and CEP service providers


optimised processes
reduced costs
defined transfer of liability



Efficient solutions for parcel services


process monitoring
sorting control
control station functions 



AMETRAS vision GmbH


» Video track & trace
» Video surveillance
»Swap body management
»EDI mapping
» Volume recognition
» Cloud services
»Barcode and girth
»Recognition of license plate numbers
»Recognition of movements
»Scanning workstations
»Sorting control
» Entry of full data / Video coding

Bundling competence

At a time when handys are mainly used to see pictures and to send whatsapp messages, customs also change in business life. Until a few years ago it was still productive to carry out the business processes elegantly via IT, but today the visualisation plays more and more a dominating role. Customers want to see what it’s about.

That’s why we have decided to combine business divisions for visualisation and logistics processes. In effect, this means that processes and images come together. Thereby completely new perspectives open up for customers. Thus for example the capacity utilisation of a transhipment hall can be visualised when the EDI data from customers and partners have arrived. While the trucks are driving on the roads, the filling degree of the hall is already shown for the transhipment via a simulation. Therewith planning processes, occupancies of sorting areas, etc. can be finally visualised in real time operation. Decisions on organisational changes, capacity utilisations of trucks, etc. can be thereby made at an early stage without understanding of abstraction.

Secured Productivity

is the mission who Ametras has committed to. This means in the daily business an active and comprehensive consulting, assistance, implementing and support of the customer from the first planning stages to reliably operating installations of the Ametras systems at the destinations of the customers all over the world.
Service and support complete the range of services from Ametras and offer the security to the customer to have a competent solution partner at his side at any time and in each situation.

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