With Workflow Management, you are able to customize your processes as workflows and  control them digitally. 
This allows you to provide the precise information at the right time in the right place. In addition to the modeling of the process flow, you can create workflow masks or forms via which the employees can interact in the process sequence.  They will be able to receive information and feed the process as well as control the process flow but also break out of it. External systems can also be connected via certified interfaces.

e-mail management

E-mail management with d.3ecm is far more than just archiving electronic e-mail. Business-relevant messages and attachments are kept in central, secure and legal  digital files. They are available to every employee at any time and can be integrated into comprehensive business processes. This results in more transparency and traceability in the e-mail chaos.

Managing contracts

Managing contracts is a business-critical process which involves many challenges. Organizing different departments with different tasks along the entire contract lifecycle is the big challenge. Transparency becomes the determining factor.

Process management

Digital process management supports you in your semistructured processes. In contrast to workflow processes, individual process steps that can be established and defined with the process management. The integrated process management includes flexible phase models and task templates, which allow the standardization of both highly-structured and semi-structured processes.

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