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The business unit AMETRAS vision

AMETRAS vision is the specialist for supply chain and logistics processes within the AMETRAS group. Our broad industry experience is based on the attitude of our team: much proximity to the practice. That’s why we all spend – no matter whether software developer, sales consultant or organisation consultant – a lot of time on site: in transhipment halls, logistics halls, CEP depots or disposition offices.

Another key to success: specialists from the logistics industry are a part of our team. So, we have not only the top developer on board for perfectly functioning technologies. Real industry professionals contribute their know-how to the customer projects and successfully complement the IT process with valuable impulses.

This proximity to the project and to the people behind it creates understanding and transparency.

With state-of-the-art technology, we get our customers on the road to success

Our IT solutions meet customer requirements precisely. But they can do even more. They also stand out technologically. Our software development creates smart applications that bring companies forward and make their work easier.

Our goal: to shape Industry 4.0 in the logistics sector together with our customers. At the end of the day, we want to simplify the everyday work of our customers in forwarding agencies and CEP depots and put a smile on the faces of the people using our software solutions.

"We like to think outside the box and are prepared to discard good approaches if there are better ones. The focus is on the benefits for customers and users. This is how value-adding solutions are created, sometimes very simple, sometimes complex, but always well thought-out and purposeful.“

Ulrich Eberbach (General Manager AMETRAS vision GmbH)


Ulrich Eberbach (born 1963) has been responsible, with brief interruption, for the logistics division of the AMETRAS group since 2000. His motto: "Only if our customers earn money with our IT solution, we can grow".

He spent several years on the board of a medium-sized freight forwarding company with over 1,000 employees, where he managed the company's IT operations.



Company foundation of Lecomp and development of the first eBusiness solutions for forwarding agencies


Foundation of the AMETRAS informatik AG


Takeover of the nobab GmbH


Development of the internet-based video solution APF video+


Rollout of the 100th location with APF video+ in a total of 14 countries


Winner of the HIKVISION Premium Partner Awards


Contracted to install scanning solution APF scan+ in 6 countries (390 depots)

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