Precise sorting solution right up to the recipient
– for efficient handling

APF sort+

APF sort+ enables a fully automatic sorting solution in the CEP depot that is independent of conveyor manufacturers.

At the APF scan+ stations, the barcodes on the parcels are scanned at top speed and with a high reading rate. The determined sorting and recipient specifications are transferred to the APF sort+ module by means of an separate service. The subsequent freely configurable sorting process guarantees individual control. With implemented route tables, for example, it is possible to carry out sorting for specific transport companies, with each tour being assigned its own sorting destination (switch). Fine sorting by the drivers is no longer necessary.

The communication capability of the APF sort+ module with most PLCs (programmable logic controllers) ensures integrative control of the parcel sorting, independent of the conveyor manufacturer. Integrations with BUDDE, MHS or Vanderlande have already been implemented. The added value: Nationwide adjustments are possible at a touch of a button – for example Saturday delivery, fine sorting by district or county – despite different conveyor manufacturers.

Reflection from foils is reliably filtered
Unformed goods are identified by means of integrated AI
Rocker control for non-beltable goods based on weight, dimension and format
Position recognition using Point Cloud technology
Automatic detection of non-beltable parcels
Sorting decisions are controlled independently of the conveyor manufacturer
Time savings
  • Dynamic sorting destination assignment
  • Chute optimisation
  • Tour optimisation
  • NC recognition
  • Data exchange across depots for continuous full data recording per parcel
Documentation of the transfer of liability
  • By means of feedback of the PLC, exact documentation on which destination a particular parcel was sorted to
  • Exact documentation when a sorting process took place
  • Extensive status reports generable by means of integrated dashboard, for example runtime statistics, no read parcels, manually post-processed parcels, address errors
Efficient and profitable
  • Increased throughput during the parcel sorting and delivery
  • Optimal utilisation of the system
  • Reduction of the complaint rate
  • Relief of the staff
  • Simplified maintainability through the configuration via standard XML files
  • Customer satisfaction included
Simple configuration
  • Quick adaptation to operating processes and changing process parameters via Config Wizzard
Simple integration
  • Simple connection to the existing conveyor system via standard telegrams
  • Ready connectors for leading equipment manufacturers such as BUDDE, MHS, or Vanderlande
  • Automatic adaptation to the parcel quantities

The sorting solution APF sort+ offers numerous features to make your everyday work more productive:

Control station functionality – always have an overview

Each sorting system is subject to a permanent change. In order to be able to make the right decisions at the right time, a good and reliable control station function is indispensable.

Thereby it should be possible to digitise the evaluation options as well as possible. A finely adjustable control usually requires complex evaluations. This is not the case with APF sort+. Customer-specific reports are configured here in advance by mouse click. Individual mailing lists ensure that pieces of information exactly reach people who also can understand and evaluate them.

Exemplary key figures:

  • Hourly output
  • Previously sorted quantity
  • No reads
  • NC rate
Sorting workflows – freely configurable for an individual control

The control of a sorting system requires experience and the knowledge of the complex relationships of workflow and accompanying IT processes. A careful planning ensures that optimisation potentials are identified as early as possible.

Exemplary functions:

  • Dimension check
  • Scan event generation
  • NC recognition
  • Control of the exchange line
  • Dynamic sorting destination decision (for example Saturday delivery)
  • Exclusion area treatment
Fully automatic fine sorting – right up to the recipient

The fully automated sorting solution can make use of OCR recognition (optical character recognition) and ACS videocoding (video coding service) services.

This allows, for example, street names to be captured for sorting.

PLC window tracking – for a cost-effective and uncomplicated sorting process

In fully automatic conveyor technology systems, each parcel can be traced back to the infeed via the PLC window tracking which makes the recording of the parcel barcodes at the infeed unnecessary. This eliminates the need to invest in expensive reading equipment.

The communication between the APF modules and the PLC becomes easier and safer because there is no need to implement two parallel parcel trackings but each sorting decision is clearly assigned to a specific parcel via a transport ID.

A short operational breakdown of the complete DMWS (Digital Measuring and Weighing System) tunnels can be compensated in connection with the window tracking by the intermediate storage of sorting targets implemented in the APF sort+ until the functionality is restored again.

Integrated concept – the AMETRAS Plus

There is still more: Optimise your processes fully.

In connection with the scanning solution APF scan+, a sorting logic is created that leaves almost nothing to be desired. No matter whether sorting by streets, by house numbers in streets or by microregions. No matter whether sorting by certain dates such as Saturdays or times. Everything can be taken into account. This optimises the complete parcel sorting cycle.

Take advantage of the full process potential of your organisation and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Opt for the Plus! Choose the integrated services of the company AMETRAS vision.


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Precise sorting of routes by postcode, street and house number?

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