Video coding service for highest data quality and complete processing of packages and parcels in CEP depots

ACS videocoding

In CEP depots, manual data entry means a high expenditure of time and resources. In the worst case, incomplete data impede sorting processes. To ensure the highest efficiency and complete processing of packages and parcels, high data quality is essential. Due to damage or incorrect attachment, the label sometimes cannot be read automatically.

In order to nevertheless transfer the data to the database in a machine-readable form, AMETRAS provides a video coding service with the product ACS videocoding, which creates the precondition for full data capture. This outsourced manual data capture is carried out by trained staff. This gives you financial and time freedom that can be used more economically for your own core competencies.

Premium quality
  • The data processing is carried out by specialists in the document processing. The business sector AMETRAS documents has precisely established a recording focus in Romania for this purpose.
  • A process documentation to each project ensures correct relationships and data contents.
  • The throughput and the quality always can be tracked via dashboards.
  • Evaluations are carried out on a customer-specific basis and they are password protected.
  • ACS videocoding is completely browser-based.
  • Images containing information to be edited (for example addresses) are transferred via a secured and encrypted protocol.
  • This ensures that the protection of the data contents remains guaranteed.
Efficient and profitable
  • Billing only takes place after successfully processed data records.
  • Incorrect entries are displayed but not charged.

The browser-based ACS videocoding offers features for highest data quality and economically optimised processes in the everyday life of the depot:

Process of the video coding – external and as a result simple and efficient

The original file is read by a camera or a scanner. The section to be corrected is automatically marked.

The incomplete data are transmitted for processing via ACS videocoding.

An intelligent further processing ensures that the recorded data are placed in the correct format in the destination application, for example SAP, MPSEXDATA, EDIFACT, XML etc.

Evaluations – transparent and incorruptible

Each customer receives informative and transparent evaluations in order to be able to measure success.

Regular status discussions and continuous improvement measures contribute to the highest possible quality of the data processing.

A continuously end-to-end efficiency ensures satisfied customers and cost-saving budgets.

Integrated Concept – the AMETRAS Plus

There is still more: Optimise your processes fully.

n connection with the OCR recognition from the company AMETRAS documents as well as the scan solution APF scan+ and the sorting solution APF sort+, an all-round service for reliable and accurate sorting is the result – with as little post-processing as possible.

Take advantage of the full process potential of your organisation and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Opt for the Plus! Choose the integrated services of the company AMETRAS vision.

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