Management of swap bodies in the cloud – transparent and efficient

ACS swap body+

ACS swap body+ is our entirely integrable cloud solution for the management of swap bodies and trailers. From the automatic booking to the comprehensive damage management via smartphone, tablet or scanner – ACS swap body+ contains modules for forwarding agencies, service providers, repair shops and service vehicles.

  • Comprehensive management of swap bodies and trailers
  • Simplified processes for damage settlement and repair management
  • Communication of all involved parties via cloud application
  • Structured process and documentation of all work steps via integrated workflows
  • Integrated billing for fully automatic accountings and CI-compliant document creation
  • Simple connection of external systems of service providers, repair shops or forwarding agencies via standardised interfaces

ACS swap body+ offers numerous features to make the organisation of swap bodies more transparent:

Authorisation management – flexible user management

The management of different authorisations makes sure that users get all necessary rights.

The functions of the involved persons of forwarding agencies, staff of repair shops and service providers can be exactly assigned.

Examples for the flexible assignment of rights:

  • Rights for the depot
  • Rights for administrators, super users or operative users
  • Rights for fields of activity (accounting, administrating, reporting damages)
  • Rights for functional areas (menu items, master data processing, printing)
Bookings of swap bodies – minute-by-minute and system-specific recording from depot to depot

Cooperations and large organisations charge partners and depots for swap body use on a daily basis. For this purpose, the swap bodies must be precisely recorded when they enter or queue at the ramp.

A workflow module enables system-specific bookings. Besides, an incoming booking cannot be recorded in any depot without an outgoing booking of another depot.

The rules are determined by the customer.

Following recordings are possible:

  • Swap body incoming booking
  • Swap body outgoing booking
  • Reversal posting
  • Manual changes
  • Bookings via data upload
  • Incident/booking time
  • Definition of type of construction
  • Booking via interface
  • Workflow control
Maintenance management and -control – for a longer service life

Swap bodies are exposed to enormous loads. The better a swap body is maintained, the longer this capital equipment can be used.

Maintenances such as Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) and regular inspections can be planned and controlled. A history process shows when and at which partner the swap body was maintained at last.

The maintenance management includes the following:

  • Time
  • History
  • Foreign and own swap bodies
Repair management – structured handling of repairs between all parties involved

Repairs in cooperation with forwarding agencies, repair shops and service providers are subject to a complex workflow.

The fully integrated process control includes all involved persons and enables transparent processes and correct accountings.

An automatic archive ensures the chronological recording of all repairs at the swap body. Thus, a complete maintenance history is created.

The repair management contains the following:

  • Repair management
  • Automatic image acquisition from the damage settlement
  • Image upload for documentation
  • Release process by the service provider
  • Article and work time values of the repair shop
  • Automatic workflow process reduces the communication by e-mail or fax
Claims settlement – report and manage damages efficiently

Damage management documents damages and triggers repair orders automatically.

Images can be uploaded, damage descriptions recorded and protocols of the causer integrated. Required expert reports can be attached to the damage history.

The claim settlement includes the following:

  • Damage recording
  • Damage search
  • Damage reactivation
  • Expertise management
  • Originator protocols
  • Provision in the repair management
  • Image upload
Invoice creation – fully automatic accountings and CI-compliant document creation

Invoices to partners are created fully automatically. The customer determines the content of the invoice. Thus, daily accountings of swap bodies can be carried out automatically on a certain date.

The printing of the invoice is made according to CI and format specifications of the customer.

The accounting management includes the following:

  • Accounting of swap bodies
  • Maintenance and repair flat rates
  • Tracking charge
  • Data export
  • Free setting of the accounting period
  • Invoice release
Integrated concept – the AMETRAS Plus

There is still more: Optimise your processes fully.

In connection with the swap body and license plate recognition in APF video+, the time of entry of a swap body as well as the length of stay on the site can be fully automated for accounting. Thus, the state recognition on entry is immediately documented.

Take advantage of the full process potential of your organisation and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Opt for the Plus! Choose the integrated services of the company AMETRAS vision.

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