EDI cloud solution for logistics and other industries - data exchange and communication on a secure platform

ACS edi+

The electronic communication of business data is the basis of each business partnership. There is a need of maximum flexibility in secure processes. It is not sufficient to link various data sources together with recipients. An intelligent control and error handling are indispensable. As well as a comprehensive transparency.

As electronic data mostly accompany a physical trading of goods, reliability comes first. In our TIER 2 computer centre data protection and security are top priority. When handling sensitive data and structured processes, our employees have over 20 years of project experience.

The cloud-based EDI solution ACS edi+ connects across industries and securely - whether SAP, Baan, Navision, VDA, or EDIFACT.

  • Support of all branches, formats and records
  • Quick and flexible adaptation to new requirements
  • Transaction monitoring by management monitor
  • Event-controlled alarm function
  • Own hardware or software not required
  • Calculates only the actual data traffic. No hidden costs.
  • Support by customer service team up to 24 hours, 7 days a week
Supported industries

Our cloud-based EDI solution is not only used in the logistics but also across different sectors.

This solution connects warehouse systems, TMS and ERP applications via standard connectors for all common branches and online platforms. Forwarding portals such as IDS are also fully supported.

  • Transport & logistics
  • Automotive
  • Chemistry & pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Consumer goods & trade
  • Manufacturing industry
Information Center

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