Trailer and swap body parking space monitoring - security for valuable cargo around the clock

APF security+

The risk of break-ins in parking areas of swap bodies and trailers is constantly increasing, making reliable security of these areas more and more urgent. The ideal answer to this challenge is provided by APF security+, a state-of-the-art and economical surveillance solution. Even at night, the area to be monitored is reliably secured by the optional integration of thermal cameras. This means that potential intruders are detected at an early stage and appropriate security measures can be initiated immediately.

The AI technology of APF security+ is another plus point that makes this solution reliable and efficient. It enables precise detection of animals such as rabbits, dogs and cats, reducing false alarms to a minimum. This optimises monitoring and ensures an efficient response to actual threats.

A crucial aspect of APF security+ is the automatic generation of sequences when an entry into the protected area occurs. These sequences record and store what happened 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the event. This means that you have proof of the exact time and sequence of the event in your hand at all times.

Another advantage: When working with a security service, alarm messages can be sent to them automatically. The guard service can then access recorded footage and quickly decide whether further action is necessary, such as patrolling or notifying the police.

  • Detection of unauthorised movement on swap bodies and trailers
  • Thermal cameras enable the detection of suspicious movements even at night
  • Standardised interfaces to surveillance companies (Securitas, Chap, etc.) simplify the reporting path considerably
  • In contrast to pure PIR surveillance, security services are given the opportunity to view the scene in real time in order to avoid wrong turns and save costs
  • Fine adjustment enables the alarm path to be defined (e.g. from right to left or arming after 9:00 p.m.)
  • Automatic notification to a security service
  • Possibility to report danger by e-mail or SMS
Integrated concept – the AMETRAS Plus

There is still more: Optimise your processes fully.

In combination with a burglar alarm system and a coordinated access control system, APF security+ is a 360° security solution that has the right answer for every risk situation.

Take advantage of the full process potential of your organisation and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Opt for the Plus! Choose the integrated services of the company AMETRAS vision.

Automatic generation of video sequences

Have proof of the exact time and sequence of events in your hand at all times!