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Pre-sort solution from AMETRAS vision successfully patented


The APF van line+ pre-sort solution from the Baienfurt-based software company has been patented at the European Patent Office under the number EP 4 321 267 A1 since 14 February 2024. The demand from CEP companies is high, as the solution ultimately speeds up the sorting process and provides a convincing answer to the question: "How can the last mile in parcel delivery remain profitable?"

For CEP companies and their subcontractors, the profitability of the last mile is increasingly becoming a key challenge. A shortage of drivers, rising fuel prices and the latest ECJ working time regulation, according to which sorting time is considered working time, pose major challenges for the industry. But the potential is huge, especially where work processes are not yet sufficiently automated. AMETRAS vision has recognised this and found a suitable answer with APF van line+. The pre-sorting solution optimises and accelerates the pre-sorting process, which frees up time for transport companies. Less time spent on pre-sorting means more time for parcel delivery and therefore higher turnover.

From the sports stadium to the transport company hall

The technology used by AMETRAS vision is not revolutionary, but is comparable to perimeter advertising in a sports stadium. Parcel information such as the delivery district, route or weight is displayed on an LED strip above the parcel conveyor belt. The special feature here is that the illuminated displays move with the parcel on the conveyor belt.

Data-driven processes revolutionise workflows

With the patented APF van line+ pre-sort solution, the sorting process in the transport company hall becomes child's play. The processes are completely data-driven. Manual pre-sorting is a thing of the past, as is cumbersome handling of the ring scanner to read route information. The ability to effortlessly adjust delivery addresses until shortly before delivery also contributes to efficiency.

Furthermore, APF van line+ drastically reduces the number of people on the sorting line and thus also provides CEP companies with a solution to the shortage of skilled labour.

The complete press release is available for download here.