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Faster to the last mile with APF van line+


With its innovation APF van line+, the supply chain expert AMETRAS vision provides best starting conditions for the challenging ‘last mile’ in parcel delivery. The solution concept focuses on the loading of parcels into the delivery vehicle, a process that usually takes place manually and is consequently time-consuming and work-intensive: On an LED display mounted above the parcel conveyor in the sorting hall, parcel information such as the delivery district, the route or the weight is indicated. The special feature here is that those indicators move with the parcel on the conveyor belt.  

This solution, which seems simple at first glance, is based on technologically sophisticated software that not only speeds up the sorting and loading process, but also makes the daily work of the delivery staff easier.

The days when time-consuming sorting had to be carried out using labels, colour displays or ring scanners that required a lot of practice are over. The concept of the APF van line+ parcel display is intuitive and easy to work with. Even without detailed knowledge of delivery routes, the parcel assignment is immediately visible to the driver, and that also makes it much easier for temporary workers without logistical know-how to learn the ropes. Different colours and references help the depot staff or the carriers to sort the right parcel to the right place. The pick-up of the parcels from the conveyor belt by the delivery staff can be carried out in ergonomically natural movements - neither bending nor twisting of the hand for scanning is necessary. The display of additional information, such as overweight, also allows the driver to be prepared for back-friendly lifting of the parcels.

The smart LED display ensures a quick reaction to changes in the route and works without restrictions even with parcels lying next to each other or parcels in bulk. The parcel position on the belt is precisely determined using a barcode camera, encoder or PLC. Synchronisation of APF van line+ is also possible on roller conveyors. The variable adjustment of the speed and the flexible configuration of the display content allow an optimal adaptation to depot-specific processes. APF van line+ also meets customer-specific requirements, such as Saturday delivery or a second wave.

The improved pre-sort conditions have advantages for everyone involved in the parcel delivery process. For example, it no longer makes a difference whether a driver arrives at the delivery base at the beginning or end of the loading time window - in the past, this was often a decisive factor for scheduling the rest of the day. The time saved by APF van line+ is not just for the benefit of the delivery staff on the last mile, but also for the employer and the end customer: Within the daily maximum working hours, the goods can be delivered on time to the recipient's door.

"Our goal is to simplify the everyday work of our customers in forwarding companies and parcel depots and to put a smile on the faces of the people using our software solutions," says Ulrich Eberbach, Managing Director of AMETRAS vision GmbH. "I believe we have succeeded in this once again with APF van line+".

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