DPD Switzerland: 30% more Quantity and only 5% more Costs

The processes in the depot are holistically supported by AMETRAS software solutions. Whether scan PCs, volume measurement, video monitoring, parcel identification or full data collection, all work steps are coordinated homogeneously and without external interfaces. The system-generated electronic router label also uses information that is not contained in the barcode of the BIC3 label. By means of MPSEXP data, data from the OCR, data from the scan PC and the measurement at the infeed, street and house number-specific sorting is made possible. The sorting destinations can be variably defined and assigned via master plan settings. For example, Saturday delivery, second wave and other specific sorting plans can be set at the touch of a button.

Optimisation and automation: In Buchs, there is now only one shift (16.00-24.00 h). Inbound and outbound sorting run in parallel. The time-consuming acquisition of new customers in sales is optimally and efficiently supported by the electronic router label. In Buchs, third-party labels can be read and the parcel is steered directly to the sorting destination after a short relabelling. The TU scanners are fueled via a standardised interface.

Management information: Every morning at 11.00 a.m. a sorting report is automatically sent as a PDF to all subscribers. The sorting report contains statistical data as well as all SPS information. All evaluations and plant statuses are displayed in real time via control centre software. In the next step, this information is prepared for smartphones and tablets.

Read in the complete report how, with joint effort, the depot goals were achieved and the technical prerequisites for profitable growth in the coming years were created. You can also find out more about the following topics:

  • About the DPD Buchs depot
  • Goals & Solutions
  • CEP innovations

Testimonial: Innovations in depot control at DPD in Buchs

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