3D volume measurement at Forwarding Agency Bischoff

Task & Solution
Thomas Damshäuser knits his brows. However, there is something wrong here! Again 80 kilograms more, that’s not chicken feed, he has to intervene here. Damshäuser daily checks the measures and weights of all cargo shipments in the transhipment hall for the forwarding agency. An automatic measuring system is integrated into the conveyor belt system in order not to disrupt the normal operations. Nothing can escape the strict laser eyes of the 3D volume measurement system APF volume+, it checks quickly and precisely. The shipments on their forklifts move continuously through the field of view of APF volume+ classic and Damshäuser has quickly identified the problem: One lattice box has concealed its true face, that’s why the shipment data vary by almost 80 kilograms.

Read the full report on how organisational constraints can be turned into measurable benefits in volume measurement. You can also learn more about the following topics:

  • Weight as a planning variable
  • Serious case: overloading

Testimonial: 3D volume measurement at Forwarding Agency Bischoff

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