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Version 2.0 of the AMETRAS vision video solution makes the difference


With APF video+ 2.0, the controllability in the use of the video solutions has been made even more intuitive. While the usability of the application was already simple and intuitive, it has gained even more clarity and structure with version 2.0 - for efficient interaction and even faster shipment tracing in parcel tracking.

The application's engine has also been completely redeveloped and impresses with its great savings potential. Following the trend towards increased compression, APF video+ 2.0 now also holds more data storage space. The data format has been changed to H.264 and ensures a saving of 30 % of the disk capacity. Improved algorithms have also made the application much faster in display. New optional features, such as in-picture measuring, provide conclusive benefits to the user.

As usual, APF video+ 2.0 is operated in the browser. This eliminates the time-consuming and tedious configuration of clients and the resulting administrative effort. Since APF video+ is constantly updated to meet the latest security standards, data security and data integrity are guaranteed at the highest level.

With an installed base of over 200 systems in 14 countries, APF video+ is also firmly established in the surveillance solutions of logistics customers internationally. The integration of volume measurement systems, sorting processes, scales and logistics operational systems ensure that the end user only needs one application to access all the necessary information. Many AMETRAS customers use APF video trace to track packages and parcels across depot boundaries. For data security reasons, data queries are only available to authorized depot employees. The information remains in the video network and cannot be leaked to the outside.

It has never been so easy to combine image and video information with data from the operational process. Fast, secure and uncomplicated is the maxim for the use of APF video+ 2.0.

New possibilities in video monitoring of packages and parcels with APF video+ 2.0

  • Up to 30 % less storage capacity required
  • Faster output with Flexview, Multiview and Playback
  • Optional package measurement within image
  • Highest security standards for data transmission due to encryption and consideration of the OWASP Top 10
  • Monitoring of package histories even across depot limits
  • Integration of supplementary information such as weight, volume, scan events, etc. possible at any time and from wherever required
  • Distribution in 14 countries ensures broad coverage of all requirements from the logistics and parcel world

You can download the complete presse release here:
Download: AMETRAS vision press release "APF video+ 2.0 makes the difference"