The ERP solution for the automotive parts trade

customized. lean. modern.

partX is a comprehensive solution for the automotive aftermarket (both wholesale and retail). The industry-specific software optimally covers all technical processes. The customized, lean and modern ERP system can be introduced step-by-step (modular).

Permanent further development is guaranteed. The solution is used in small trading companies with one user or more as well as in large companies with more than 500 users. partX was developed on the basis of the integrated ERP software Odoo and offers numerous advantages!

  • Modular structure enables step-by-step introduction
  • Mapping of all standard processes in the automotive aftermarket - additional modules can be added as required
  • Scalable as required
  • Platform, operating system and browser independent
  • Modern technology
  • Interface friendly (e.g. TechAlliance, DVSE, COSy)
  • Favorable license package due to the underlying open source concept
Basic modules
Module extensions
Technically flawless

partX is based on Python, a modern programming language with numerous functions, which is also state of the art. With PostgreSQL a lean data storage system is provided that meets all requirements. It is a powerful open source database that is characterized by reliability and performance. PostgreSQL is not bound to an operating system. partX as a comprehensive solution is also operating system-independent and browser-based. Thus, connected work with PC, tablet and smartphone is possible without further restrictions.


Optimized delivery capability and low capital commitment

These are the central success factors that matter in the automotive parts trade. For this reason, purchasing and disposition as well as fast processing lead times are of great importance. partX determines the appropriate values with its forecasting and disposition functions and provides your purchasing department with optimal order suggestions. Depending on your needs, these orders are then placed automatically or after verification. Any graduated conditions with your suppliers are taken into account, thus reducing ordering costs.

Effective support in warehouse and shipping logistics

The complex internal and external flows of goods of the wholesale trade are controlled with partX in such a way that your shipping logistics are optimally supported. Central functions such as picking and packing goods, as well as route determination/planning are optimized for the necessities of the automotive parts trade. With partX you get a complete solution that also includes the areas of accounting, finance, controlling and business intelligence (based on QlikView). Even when it comes to legal security, partX is always up to date.

Practical tools for a powerful distribution

In day-to-day operations (e.g. as a clerk in sales), it is important to have the right information for the customer at hand quickly. In addition to the support of customers from automotive workshops, offer tracking is part of the daily business. From quotation creation to payment processing, partX contains many practical functions that ensure effectiveness and high customer satisfaction.

With its forecasting and disposition functions, partX determines the most suitable values and provides your purchasing department with optimal order suggestions.